Another discovery of the possible new species of debris-carrying lacewing

Service technician Kevin Price brought in a live specimen of the larvae of the debris-carrying lacewing that we have been looking for. He collected it at a house on Elizabeth Lane, near Crystal Falls, Tuolumne County, CA. It was outside, in a dog run under a deck, on the sunny side of the house. It was crawling up a cinder block when he spotted it.

Collected around 5-6 pm, on 11 May 2022.

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The pictures are fuzzy because I took them through a plastic bag, as I did not want to risk damaging the larvae. The video is direct, however.

We contacted Dr. Catherine Ann Tauber, a world expert on these insects, and she will attempt to raise it to properly identify it. We need more specimens for Dr. Tauber to work with. If you find one of these cryptic insects, please contact us at 209-532-7378.