Where the mosquitoes at Mosquito Lake come from

Mosquito Lake, in Alpine County, is located a few miles east of Lake Alpine and Bear Valley. You might think, based on the name, that the mosquitoes are breeding in the lake. No, the mosquitoes come from vernal pools, or snow-melt pools, near the lake. These photos were taken 31 May 2016.


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Mosquito Lake
Mosquito Lake, Alpine County, 31 May 2016. The mosquitoes do not breed in the lake, despite the name. (Note there are two ducks swimming in the lake. )







This vernal pool, near the western end of Mosquito lake, is only a few feet from Highway 4. This section had a high density of snow pool mosquitoes.


This same vernal pool, looking from a different direction, is adjacent to camping sites and a bathroom. This pool contained thousands of mosquito larvae.
















This vernal pool, rather large, had a much lower density of mosquito larvae. It is also located across from Mosquito lake, adjacent to camping and picnic areas.
Another view of the larger vernal pool.
In this third image of the larger vernal pool, the heaviest density of snow pool mosquitoes was located at the far end.