Pack Rats Excluded From Under Home, With a Visit by a Weasel

Here is a film made from still images taken by a wildlife camera, placed to see what was living under this home in Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras County, California. It was a pair of pack rats. The one-way valve let the critters out, but they could not get back in. And they came back day after day, hour after hour, for over a week, to try and get back in. NOTE… the camera did not have the correct date set: the images were taken in December 2016.

We also see some local wildlife walk by: a raccoon, skunk, opossum, and something shy, elusive, and rare. Go to 3:02 in the video to see the one frame of the furtive creature. I shared the video with John Buckley of CSERC, an organization that uses a lot of similar cameras and is very familiar with the local wildlife. According to John, it “is almost certain to be a weasel….  it’s the right shape… right speed.” and “We only get them infrequently at our CSERC cameras, but they usually are rushing through the photo similarly.”

The weasel is likely there looking to eat those pack rats.