Carpet beetles infesting a stuffed rat on public display, with powderpost beetles eating the base

This stuffed rat was on public display. Those are carpet beetles all over it. They are eating it. Notice, too, that the wooden base is being eaten up by powderpost beetles.

Carpet beetle attacks are common in biological samples that are not properly cared for, but this one was particularly noteworthy! You’d think they’d have noticed it. It sure makes for a hilarious photo.

Thanks to Bruce Badzik for sharing his find with us, and to Dr. Lynn Kimsey for bringing it to our attention.

A stuffed rat with carpet beetles. Even the wooden stand has been infested with powderpost beetle.
A stuffed rat with carpet beetles. The wooden stand has even been infested, but with powderpost beetle. This was actually a publically-displayed specimen. Photo courtesy of Bruce Badzik.