The Comanche Green Lacewing

9 September 2020

Angela Cordes found this tiny insect on her sleeve while sitting on a bench under a tree near our office. I asked Dr. Catherine Ann Tauber what the species might be (especially since we are looking for that possible lacewing species).

She said it is the “larva of Chrysoperla comanche – an unappreciated biological control agent in western USA, northern Mexico.  It feeds on a variety of insect pests – e.g., aphids, scales, lepidopteran eggs, etc., and it is better in warm and dry habitats than other lacewings.   It does not carry trash on its back, and it has never been reported to be associated with ants. It is not related to the earlier larvae with large trash packets. BTW: Chrysoperla formerly was in Chrysopa, but it now is recognized as different.”