Snailcase Bagworms are now in Tuolumne County – May 2018

Ryles Richards, the same technician that discovered the first case of snailcase bagworms in Calaveras County, brought in a specimen of a snailcase bagworm from Pine Mountain Lake, Groveland,  Tuolumne County, California. The insect was on the siding of a house on Pleasant View Drive.  This was a new pest control service for us, and the main problem was pine tree ants. The customer usually found these snailcases inside her house, and vacuumed them up. She had recently found them on the exterior, as well. She removed most of the snailcase bagworms with a vacuum, but she missed this one. Ryles spotted it on the wall, and explained to her what it was.

To our knowledge, this is the first report of snailcase bagworms in Tuolumne County. Earlier this year we reported that snailcase bagworms were discovered, by Ryles Richards, in Calaveras County. It is clear that this insect pest is widespread in the Mother Lode, but has been undetected until now.

Below are photos of the specimen that Ryles Richards collected. Great job, Ryles!

14 May 2018