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Broadleaf Weeds

Brown Widow makes its home on the Gulf Coast

Carpet Beetles

Cockroach Recognition

Cockroaches, which one is it

Common Fabric Insects

Common Pantry Pests

Common Pest Ants

Comparative Biology of Tuolumne County Mosquitoes

Comparison of scat, animal feces related illnesses

Comparison of three liquid lures for trapping social wasps

Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome

Distinguishing ants from termites

Earthworm Castings


Exotic Cockroaches of California – Bohart Museum information page

False Chinch Bugs

Fleas, Recognition, biology and control

Fruit Flies info sheet

Grassy Weeds and Woody Plants

House Centipede

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Identification Guide to Yellowjackets

Identifying Ants in the House

Indian Meal Moth Fact Sheet

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Key to Identifying Common Household Ants

Key to the most common ants in Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties

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Life Cycle of the Bed Bug

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Mosquitoes Characteristics

New Oak Disease in our area, Foamy Bark Canker

North American Insect Orders

Oak Gall Wasps

Our Giant Beetles, Prionus and Western Pine Sawyer

Overview of Orders of Insects

Pavement Ants

Pest Ant Recognition

Pictorial Key to some Common Beetles, stored food

Plant Galls of the California Region

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Salamanders of the Mother Lode Area

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The Brown Widow Spider

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The Western Blood-Sucking Conenose


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