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Foothill Pest Control Serving Tuolumne County and Calaveras CountyFoothill-Sierra Pest Control is family owned and proud to the best pest control in Tuolumne City, CA. We offer a variety of residential pest control solutions to fit individual needs and pest problems. Our expert staff is continually trained in the latest methods and techniques for controlling pests. Our year-round treatment plans are 100% guaranteed. Each visit begins with a thorough inspection of your home and yard to identify potential pest harboring sites and entry points, and the appropriate treatment is then chosen to solve current problems and prevent future pest invasions.

Tuolumne City pest control specializing in: ants, spiders, mice/rats, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, etc.

Our weed services include: winter annual weeds, firebreaks, poison oak, blackberries, star thistle, etc

Tuolumne City Residential Pest Control Plans:

Quarterly Service: Quarterly pest control is our most popular service in Tuolumne City and features four complete visits each year, once every quarter, and is fully guaranteed.

Single Service: A one-time visit is offered for those customers wanting treatment without a year-round contract agreement. The single service has a guarantee of 30 days.

Tuolumne City Commercial Pest Control Plans:

It is very important to keep pests under control in commercial settings such as kitchens, offices, and schools. Certain insects and rodents are known to spread disease. We can offer safe, effective methods to protect your business, and are trained to adhere to strict safety standards when working in and around kitchens, and other sensitive public areas such as school settings. Our commercial pest control plans are much like our residential plans in that you have options for treatment:

Monthly Service: This is our recommended service for restaurants, grocery stores and food storage facilities so that we can offer the most protection for your product and business safety. This service is guaranteed year-round.

Bi-Monthly Service & Single Services are also offered in our commercial pest options, and carry the same guarantees as our residential plans.

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